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Sweets for Ruben is not just a profession, but a lifetime passion. 

Hi is born and raised in México D.F., where food is a cultural fascination.At the age of 16, my career began with my father, who was one of the best pastry chefs in Mexico. I worked in a patisserie for 3 years, then I had the opportunity to work at the Ritz Carlton Cancun hotel for 5 years, where I was given the opportunity to carry out my studies at the cordon bleu school and thus graduate as a pastry chef, when I moved to the United States I worked as a executive pastry chef at some of the most prestigious restaurants in CT:Versailles patisserie in Greenwich,Round hill country club, Greenwich Valbella restaurant Greenwich,and Gabrieles steak house Greenwich and Westport.

Explore my Dessert Gallery, highlighting a selection of exquisite plated desserts from my pastry journey. Each creation showcases a blend of taste, texture, and artistry, embodying my passion for innovation. Delight in discovering these unique, captivating plated.

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